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  • About me

    I received my PhD in Physics at the University of Göttingen in the DPI.

    I was Postdoc at the AGH in Krakow in the EU-Network COSYC of SENS.

    I was a Guest Scientist at the MTA SZTAKI (Computer and Automation
    Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) in Budapest.

    I was Postdoc at the FMP and at SCHERING AG, working on
    GPCR-Drug finding with machine learning methods.

    I worked as research scientist at the FMP-Berlin in close collaboration with the Charité.

    Currently I'm a scientist at Bayer Healthcare AG in the eTOX project.

    Research Interests

    Software Projects


    Dr. Joerg D. Wichard
    Email: joerg.wichard (at) gmail.com