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  • About me

    PhD in Physics at the University of Göttingen in the DPI.

    Postdoc at the AGH in Krakow in the EU-Network COSYC of SENS.

    Guest Scientist at the MTA SZTAKI (Computer and Automation
    Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) in Budapest.

    Postdoc at the FMP and at Schering AG on GPCR-Drug finding with machine learning methods.

    Research scientist at the FMP-Berlin in close collaboration with the Charité.

    Predictive Toxicology at Bayer AG in Berlin.

    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Selvita S.A. in Krakow.

    Research Interests

    Software Projects


    Dr. Joerg D. Wichard
    Email: joerg.wichard (at) gmail.com